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Korra: thanks for the complament Asami by 112Tyranus
Korra: thanks for the complament Asami
 Nice job Asami ;) also ep:7 of book 4 was awesome  and very funny as well. and to think on the same day the ep was released i drew this after i watched the ep that day. I also had to edit it because i messed up on the eyes the first time so i had to redraw her with some improvements also her hair looks a little messy but people mite like that ^_^.  And look ate that face oooh i could pet her head because she's so cute :3 also iv put the line blush on her face like in the third season like her and opal. 

"Legend of Korra" and all its characters are owned by "Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko"
LOK:book six Gojira Cover art concept by 112Tyranus
LOK:book six Gojira Cover art concept
oh i'm good at drawing monsters and i think this Godzilla looks awesome thou the crossover i'm still working on it has a bit kinks in it but i think im starting to work something out also the story is coming along nicely. Also  sorry if some of the letters are floating didn't use a ruler for that  but anyway i dont have a date for when ill be releasing  this idea really but all i can say is that its coming and it will be epic.

p.s if your wondering why one of Godzilla's spikes cant be seen i couldn't fit it into the shot also in Gojira is Godzilla's name in japanese but faded out

"Legend of Korra" and all its characters are owned by "Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko"

"Godzilla" is owned by "Toho"  "Legendary pictures"  and "Gareth Edwards"
Korra the Vampire by 112Tyranus
Korra the Vampire
well 3 months of drawing redrawing and i created something something for this Halloween and now a very long story

In august i was running out of paper and out of inspiration Halloween was coming and last year i didn't draw anything for that Halloween i didn't want to draw Korra as a werewolf or a Frankenstein monster not even a zombie but then it occurred to me.  Inspiration a Vampire OF CORES and of all the Vampire movies i had seen in the past "Hellsing OVA"  "Van Hellsing" "all three Blade films"  "Dracula"and "True Blood" that would be the inspiration i wanted to make Korra for this Halloween a  VAMPIRE (du duuuuuun)originally she was going to be in her season's 1 and 3 outfit but then season 4 comes around and i'm like "i need to update the drawing" i mean the original one had small arms and her b's were............well lets just say they look better now thanks to Iahfy on her Tumbler  and her "how to draw stuff".  But also the original idea was a comic in the comic Korra and Mako are being attacked by wolf bats that have red eyes and then as Korra and Mako are on a side of a cliff over water........yes...... Korra would grab on to Mako and say how scared she is Mako would tern around and tell her everything would be alright and Korra would say (i me have a bite.....of you "slurp" ) it would be more of a funny story  ate the end and Dracula would be in it but how does she get the blood on her lips ate this time...........MAGIC!!!!!!.........Halloween magic i guess............well i guess there's one last thing to say have a wonderful day and night.........and

HAPPY HALLOWEEN(laughs like Vincent Price)… one of my Favorite songs to lesson to on Halloween

p.s after this ill be uploading some things next month

Legend of Korra" and all its characters are owned by "Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko"
Hello everyone a quick update

 On the 30th before Halloween i'll upload my Halloween drawing for this year and then i have a few others to upload after that.
Korra alone by 112Tyranus
Korra alone
"to find ones self they must go on a journey into ones mind and free them self from fear and despair "

This drawing took at least 5 different screencaps for me to draw from hear let me show you them one.....






It was hard work drawing from them all trying to get all the details down on my drawing pad  and with so little showing thru the cracks but hear it is the mirror unbroken show the face of aware heroin as she tries to find her self again.   by the way does Korra look kind of like Zuko  when she looks in the mirror  or is that just me?

P.s. ill be uploading the continuation of Korra:hey guys..what do you think of my hair clip also with something awesome to go with it.

"Legend of Korra" and all its characters are owned by "Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko"
Rukia being cute by 112Tyranus
Rukia being cute
its been a while since i drew Rukia and with her new hair cut so cute ^_^…

Bleach is owned by " Norituki Abe" Viz Media" and "Manga Entertainment"
Korra:hey guys..what do you think of my  hair clip by 112Tyranus
Korra:hey guys..what do you think of my hair clip
Asami:aww it look cute

Bolin:ya Korra i think it looks awesome what do you think Mako

Mako: ( lesson to1:23 thru 2:02 also Mako see an image of Korra in his mind witch ill upload some time soon...or next Friday )

Bolin:uuh Mako what do you think of Korra's cute hair clip

Mako:ahahahahhhhhhh......ijfnwijejdnaidnidsadnidnjidekppppppppppppppppppppppp(falls backwards and hits the ground)

Bolin:huh?.......i guess he likes it

LOL i love my funny wit (sigh) anyway the idea for this drawing was originally going to be a chibi Korra with a hair clip......but that went down hill so i decided to it normal Korra style it worked out ok .......well to a point like i always say i hate to draw hands.  But the idea for korra is if she didn't want to fight anymore because she did something wrong that hurt one of her friends and be peaceful that's why she has the hair clip in her hair to show she wants to be cute and smell the roses and no more fighting. that's until something bad happens and then she has to fight

"Legend of Korra" and all its characters are owned by "Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko"

P.s. her hair clip symbolize something in the series can you guess what it is.
kuvira: come at me.......weaklings by 112Tyranus
kuvira: come at me.......weaklings
(slaps my forehead)for the last time Kuvira its bro........come ate me you think people would know this by now espechuwaly people from a different world who don't even know what i'm talking  Not much to talk about this one but the hands.....i......hate......drawing........hands! but the one can be acceptable


"Legend of Korra" and all its characters are owned by "Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko"


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ID art by :iconlord-phillock:

its also on his tumblr…

review for new ID:"A wonderful work of art truly something i will keep until the ending of the world and i also love Korra's design and her boots as well thank you Phil for such a wonderful drawing and a early birthday gift"

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Evil by nicphantom

Her name was Liza and she was a full black basenji mix she had a small tail and a bent ear. when she was a puppy we loved her so much there was even a time where she was hit by a car she survived and waled away with a broken lag the person who run her over was not seen for we lived in NC ate that time and there where wood between her and aware house and the road she walked on but she survived and it was a miracle.  When we moved back down to FL she was spry and happy and i think one day we took her to the beach but as the years passed she stared looking old and gray and stopped being a happy dog she would be happy when we would return from a trip to the market or an amusement park but not as much. but then one day her breathing stared getting bad and she would move around without knowing. but my mom knew she was going and so last night i spent some time with her petting her and telling her "its ok to go " but i knew she was scared and afraid and so this morning she fell over and well.............she didn't get back up .........its a sad thing really we had her ever since 2002 and that dog became a part of aware life and she knew that when she passed she was loved and so we barred her out back and i made a nice memorial to her good bye Liza i love you ;_;

rest in peace

Llza by 112Tyranus
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